ENS Paris, FUAS, HU, ATOS, WALLIX PhD, Post-Docs, and Software Engineers in Functional Encryption

Functional encryption technology (FENTEC) is a project within the H2020 RIA starting January 2018. The project aims to advance the state of art of functional encryption. The consortium members seek to fill following positions:

ENS Paris seeks 1 PostDoc to work on the design of new functional encryption schemes, both in the single-input and multi-input settings. The candidate will be joining the ENS Crypto Team (https://crypto.di.ens.fr) and is expected to have a strong academic record with demonstrated experience in the design of cryptographic schemes. Contact: Michel Abdalla (michel.abdalla (at) ens.fr) Flensburg University seeks 2 PhD/PostDocs to research novel lattice and pairing-based functional encryption schemes. Your host will be Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek, chair of the ITSC group https://www.itsc.inf.hs-flensburg.de/). Contact: Sebastian Gajek (sebastian.gajek (at) hs-flensburg.de) the University of Helsinki seeks a Ph.D. student or a PostDoc to research optimisations of functional encryption schemes for efficient hardware-based implementations. Your host will be Dr. Kimmo Järvinen, Senior Researcher in Secure Systems group in Department of Computer Science. Contact: Dr. Kimmo Järvinen (kimmo.u.jarvinen (at) helsinki.fi) Atos seeks a software developer with experience in cryptography to participate in the implementation of functional encryption systems, in addition to participating in other e-identity and cybersecurity research projects. This position is based in Spain, in the Atos Research & Innovation division Contact: Pedro Soria-Rodriguez (pedro.soria (at) atos.net) Wallix seeks a researcher with relevant experience in cryptography, that is interesting both in research and proper implementation of primitives and applied cryptography. The position within the Innovation Department is based in Paris, France. Contact: Henri Binsztok (hbinsztok at wallix.com)Please send your CV with a covering letter. PostDocs are asked to add two letters of recommendation. The positions are vacant until they are filled.

ENS: Michel Abdalla (michel.abdalla (at) ens.fr)
FUAS: Sebastian Gajek (sebastian.gajek (at) hs-flensburg.de)
HU: Dr. Kimmo Järvinen (kimmo.u.jarvinen (at) helsinki.fi)
ATOS: Pedro Soria-Rodriguez (pedro.soria (at) atos.net)
WALLIX: Henri Binsztok (hbinsztok at wallix.com)
Closing Date for Applications: 2018-02-01

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